Zearth img


Series: Bokurano

Name: Zearth

Model: Unknown (Bipod combat robot)

Pilots: Kokopelli

Takashi Waku; Masaru Kodaka; Daichi Yamura; Mako Nakarai; Isao Kako; Chizuru Honda; Kunihiko Moji; Maki Ano; Yosuke Kirie; Takami Komoda; Aiko Tokosumi; Kanji Yoshikawa; Kana Ushiro; Yoko Machi; Jun Ushiro

Creator: Possibly humans

Allegiance: Earth

This 500 meter robot is one of the robots that fights in the tournament of the parallel Earths. As many of its contendants has a very thick layer armor that allows it to withstand any attack from normal human weapons. It has the ability locate any person in the world, can jettison any part of the body and counts with really powerful lasers capable of hitting the target wherever it might be found thanks to its amazing location system(Shooting from Japan to Hawaii serves as a good example of this).

However the awesome power of this robot comes with a huge prize for the pilots as every contestant dies after its battle is over, as it drains

Pretty big huh?

the pilots' life energy, making a real double edged sword. Whenever one of these robots is transported to an earth it is piloted by a tutor pilot who shows the contestants how to fight and is responsible for making a contract between the robot and them.

A creature known as Koyemshi (later revealed to be a human and a former contender from other earth) is the one that takes care of the children from there onwards. Its main abilities include being capable of teleporting the pilot inside the cockpit, remote controlling Zearth and altering the order of the pilots as it seems fit. Although Zearth is the one that battles it is also supported by the pilot's earth military forces. If we were to classify this mecha it would undoubtedly be in the mass destruction weapons lists, as it has been seen to wipe out all the population of one of the enemy universes (10 Billion people) killing 60000 persons per second. Neither of the mechas in this series share the same weapons as others, there is always some difference, but we can say without being afraid to make a mistake that this is the most powerful mecha of the competition.