Series: Macross Frontier Movie: Sayonara no tsubasa

Name: YF-29 "Durandal"

Model: YF-29

Variants: Alto Saotome's unit (Made with pieces of his VF-25)

Sibling Unit: VF-25 "Messiah"

Pilots: Alto Saotome

Modes: Fighter Mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Shinsei Industry/Macross Frontier Fleet/L.A.I

Allegiance: S.M.S; UN Spacy

Dessigned in secret after the Gallia 4 incident to combat the Vajra this unit is the sibling unit of VF-25 "Messiah". Similar to its siblings in many things the main differences were the four thermonuclear reaction engine turbines and its high maneuverability with a greater thrust. Unlike the Messiah unit this unit has forward swept wings like the VF-9 and VF-19 Variable fighters although it's frontal appearance look exactly like it's siblings. It's wings can be retracted to acquire greater speeds normally when it on a planet.

Also unlike the messiah the Durandal is a machine capable of fighting the Vajra without any additional equipment, like the Messiah's tornado equipment due to its primary role as a weapon against the Vajra.

The YF-29 is also equipped with fold refined pure fold quartz which it applies into various parts of its equipment producing different effects for example thanks these quartz an unlimited supply of energy for the fighter was completed through a device called the fold wave system that operates as an overdrive device with four fold quartz and four fold wave systems named after the four relics of the handle of the holy sword Durandal, namesake of the fighter.

Among its anti-vajra abilities we could point out it's abilities to trace and jam Vajra communication. These abilities played a great role in the final battle against the Vajra.

Its armament consists of a gunpod, one heavy quantum beam gun pod, two twin concealed MDE beam cannons, several micro-missile launchers (up to tweelve), a battle knife for battleroid mode, a shield for Gerwalk and Battleroid modes, two remmington highspeed machine guns and a pinpoint barrier system. It can also be equipped with several optional packs or a superpack including with High ouput Fold wave projectors and two micromissile launchers located on the wingtips.

A curious fact about Alto's Durandal fighters it's that even though it was created in a rush using pieces from the VF-25, the fighter eventually surpassed the original YF-29's stats.