Vf9 fighter

VF-9 "cutlass"

Series: Macross (spin off)

Name: Variable fighter (VF-9) "Cutlass"

Model: VF-9

Pilots: UN pilots; Special forces

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: General Galaxy

Allegiance: Low budget colonies; UN Special forces

This Variable fighter was the first project of variable fighter that General Galaxy presented to the military. The development began in 2018 and ended in 2021. It was originally intended as a Low cost, light variable fighter equipped
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with twin engines. It displayed major maneuverability than the VF-4, the main variable fighter at the time. It was a big success among low budget planetary colonies turning the VF-9 into a best seller, with mass production going on from 2023 to 2029. One of the test pilots, captain of the dancing skulls squadron and veteran of the first Galaxy wars, Millia Fallyna Jenius, was so impressed with the fighter maneuverability that she recomended it to be the special forces main fighter, which actually it became until being replaced in the late 2030's by the VF-17 "Nightmare".

This variable fighter is known to reach mach 4 from 10000 to 30000 meters above sea level and mach 19 or more at more height.

It armament is composed of two beam cannons, two anti-aircraft beams, four hard points, middle and long range missiles. Itis known to be specially fearsome in Battleroid mode as its really powerfull in hand to hand combat. While not serving with the special forces anymore, this VF can still be seen in many colonial planets defense forces, and also in private collections.
Vf9 battloid