Series: Macross frontier

Name: Variable fighter (VF-27)

Variants: VF-25 beta (standard model)

VF-25y (custom variant)

Pilots: Test pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Guld works

Allegiance: UN spacy; Brera Sterne

This VF is created by Macross frontier fleet.It esily exceeds the battle performances of the VF-25 but its high performance its really hard for a pilot to handle. It closely resembles the special forces fighter VF-22 which can be seen in many parts of this fighter. Its firepower is equal to that of a VF-25 with superparts but due to low airframe versatility it can't be mass produced.

It follows the model of the YF-27, the improved YF-24. It can be pilotted from outside the cockpit thanks to the BDI system copied from the YF-21. Some details have not been disclosed yet. It is known to have been operative during the war against vajra displaying an excellent performance together with the ghost V-9

It has been equipped with beam guns, beam machine guns, micro missile launchers, a shield, a beam gunpod, a knife a pint point barrier system. It can reach Mach 9 durinf brief periods while on atmosphere and more than far more than mach 25 in space.