Series: Macross frontier

Name: Variable fighter (VF-25) "Messiah"

Model: VF-25; YF-24 (prototype)

Variants: YF-24 (Prototype)

VF-25A (Baseline model)

VF-25F (Junior officer model)

VF-25G (Sniper variant)

VF-25S (Commander variant)

RVF-25 (Electronic warfere variant)

Pilots: Private military (S.M.S) pilots; UN pilots (expected)

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Macross frontier fleet/ shinsei industries/ L.A.I

Allegiance: S.M.S; UN Spacy

The VF-25 is one of the newest variable fighter, It follows the model of the YF-24, models being used in 2059, it is built by Macross frontier labs, shinsei industries and L.A.I. and it is expected to replace one of the main variable fighters of its era the VF-171 "nightmare plus" for the UN but is being employed by the private military company S.M.S to test its strength in real combat. As main weaponry its known to have laser guns in the head, a gatling gun beam cannons a gun pod, combat and sniper rifles, a knife for close combat, hardpoints under the wings, a pin point barrier sistem and a shield. The gunpods have been modificated to fight against th Vajra.

It is a multipurpose fighter as it serves as an attack fighter, a bomber or a recon plane as well as a command machine for unman


ned planes. This fighter can be customized depending on the pilot and the mission that is going to be carried out.

It is reinforced by an EX gear, a reinforced exosqueleton and a new inertia capacitor which allows it to exceed the limits of manned flights and reduces the burden on the pilot, and as 2040 the pilot isn't a burden anymore for the fighter to reach its true potential which has been achieved with the latest technology in VF's. The VF-25 unlike the VF-1 can transform with the armor on while the other one only had it on, in battleroid mode.

In atmosphere this fighter reaches more than mach 5 and in space more than mach 20, it also can be equipped with a fast pack to increase its speed. It also can be equipped with a stronger armor and micro anti-vajra missiles.

Its name comes from Lynn Minmay's Shao Pai Long (chinese) Little White Dragon (english


), on fighter mode it is said to be like VF-1 but more slim, on gerwalk it ressembles the VF-19. Like previous models of variable fighters it has stealth mode