Sturmvogel II attacking

Series: Macross seven, plus and frontier

Name: Variable fighter (VF-22) "sturmvogel II"

Model: VF-22.

Variants: YF-21 (prototype)

YF-22 (Improved prototype)

VF-22S (Special forces version)

Pilots: UN pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: General Galaxy

Allegiance: UN spacy; Special forces.

The VF-22 is a variable fighter which was built following the model of the prototype YF-21 that competed and lost against the YF-19 (later VF-19) for being the replace of VF-11, the main variable fighter of the UN spacy. After the failure at the competition this mode was reviewed by its engineers who replaced the pieces that didn't perform well at the competition, in 2042, an improved version of the YF-21, the YF-22, was presented to the UN for review and it was appointed as a fighter for the special forces and entered service on 2043.

The VF-22 resembles the YF-21 and a lot things were preserved as the inertia vector control systems, used in the female comb

ready for take off

at armor from the zentraedi forces. It also kept the active stealth mode. Some programs such as the Brainwave control system and the Brain direct imaging were removed due to them being hazardous for the health of the pilot, instead of that the cockpit was redesigned and the visibility of the pilot was increased because of multiple screens on the cockpit. Two bays for weapon payloads were added without having to sacrifice the stealth mode.

Due to its speed, high maneuverability and fold capacity the VF-22 is one of the favorite fighters of the UN special forces. Its plains were transmitted to the Macross 7 fleet and authorization was given to build two fighters to complement the fleet VF's forces. At the final operation of the war, two of this fighters were flown by captain Maximillian Jenius and by his wife major Millia Jenius. Those two fighters performed so well during the operation that it is possible that more will be produced to replace the lost variable fighters during the war.

This variable fighter is capable of reaching from Mach 3 to Mach 5.06 on the atmosphere and

Battleroid mode

Mach 22 in space flights. Its weapons include laser guns, all-enviroment rapid-fire mini cluster missiles, a gunpod for the soldier mode and hardpoints under the wings as well as a series of different range missiles, it also has been equipped for hand to hand combat on soldier mode.