Prototype "YF-19"

Series: Macross plus; Macross seven

Name: Variable fighter (VF-19) "Excalibur"

Model: VF-19

Variants: YF-19 "Omega one" (Prototype)

VF-19A (First mass produced version)

VF-19-F (Second mass produced version, without cannard wings.)

VF-19S (Squadron commander version)

VF-19 Kai "Fire valkyrie" (Sound force)

Pilots: UN pilots.

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Shinsei industries

Affiliation: UN Spacy

The VF-19 is the variable fighter built to replace the VF-11 "thunderbolt" although as the precvious model numbers are huge it will take a while before it replaces it completely and for the time being is serving as the special forces unit with a status similar to the VF-17. The VF19 earned the honor of being the next generation of the UN's main variable fighter when its protype the Y-19 AVF prototype won against the YF-21 from General Galaxy in the "Supernova Project".

The VF-19 follows the mod
VF 19 excalibur by zeiram0034

gerwalk excalibur

el of the YF-19 but some changes have been made as the canard wing have been substituted in favour of more high maneuverability thrusters, which gives the fighter more thrust and a better performance in space and the engines have been changed for more modern engines (FF-2550J). The laser gunpods from older VF's were mantained but the medium range missiles were substituted for High- maneuverability ones and finally the commander's version head was replaced and four variable lasers were installed in the new head. Aside from those weapons it was equipped with Anti-aircraft lasers and pulse lasers as well as laser guns and hard points under the wings. During the protodeviln war only three of these fighters were stationated on the macross 7 fleet, two were destroyed during the final campaign of the war and the remaining was damaged beyond repair. This fighter had a variant that was used in the war as part of the macross 7 sound force and for this purpose it was equipped with sound technology weapons as well, the name of this variant was "Fire valkyrie" which or could not be a tribute to the VF-1 "Valkyrie".


This fighter had special features such as a pin point barrier system, an active stealth system and an enviromental cockpit from which the pilot gained complete control of his/her surroundings.

In the atmosphere it can reach speeds from Mach 3.5 to Mach 5 and in space it can reach Mach 25 or more. It can also be equipped with the super nova fold buster and unlike the VF-17 it can fold without putting much stress on the fighter,