Nightmare plus

Series: Macross frontier

Name: Variable fighter (VF-171) "NIghtmare plus"

Model: VF-171

Variants: VF-171 (normal version)

VB-171 (Fighter bomber version)

RVF-171 (Early warning, recon unit)

VF-171EX (Anti-vajra)

RVF-171EX (electronic warfare)

Pilots: UN pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: General Galaxy

Allegiance: UN

The VF-171 super nightmare is one of the main VF's of the UN spacy, NUN spacy, as of 2059. The first flight of this VF was in 2046 and it performed so well that it was mass produced as the NUN new main variable fighter in 2050, it is developed from the VF-17 nightmare. In 2059 it is the main multipurpose variable fighter for the macross frontier fleet, and it is mainly used as a fighter or as a bomber. Unlike its predecessor the VF-17 that is a special forces fighter this fighter is piloted also by regular pilots. It has been downgraded in some aspects but it has been upgraded in others as improved aerodinamics, enhanced maneuverability and improved defense. This fighter is low cost and easy to pilot and has a large variety of additional equipment.

The controls of this fighter were improved in order to overcome the biggest flaw of the original VF-17 by installing high-reliability low-output engines and updating the control system avionics, this would reduce the pressure on the pilot therefore making
VF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX


normal pilots be able pilot it. It is also equipped with a 3rd generation stealth system that surpases the VF 17's first generation one.

Even with all this improvements the VF-171 wasn't a match for the vajra that showed amazing capacitiesand to overcome this the VF-171 EX was created with the addition of the Ex Gear and anti-vajra weapons as well as improved avionics and engines, The Ex variant was created for the conflict with the Vajra in the macross frontier fleet and it was mainly used by elit and special forces pilots. It played a vital role in the final estages of the UN-vajra war.

The original armament of this fighter was composed of beam cannons, a gun pod, micro-missile launchers, six hardpoints under the wings, a pinpoint barrier system and an ordinance container loading system. The VF-171 EX had gatling guns, all range missiles, anti-ship, missiles, six hardpoints under the wings, a gatling gun pod, beam cannons, micro-missile launcher and a pinpoint barrier system.