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V-17 Nightmare on recon mission

Series: Macross 7

Name: Variable fighter (VF-17) "Nightmare"

Model: VF-17

Variants: VF-17A (First mass produced version)

VF-17C (Improved avionics version)

VF-17D (current standard version, laser head included)

VF-17S (Squad leader version)

VF-17T (trainer)

VF-17T kai (two seat version, customized for sound force)

Pilots: UN special forces; UN pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: General Galaxy

Allegiance: UN Spacy; Special forces

This VF is a space superiority VF used by the special forces of the multiple UN spacy's fleets, replacing the VF-9, beacuse of this each fleet normally only carries from 6 to 12 of this fighters. It is used for recon and surgical strike operations or other extreme situations. This mecha is perfect for space operations as it carries 30 vernier thrusters but this becomes a drag in atmospheric flights as its speed decreases drastically as its body is not streamlined. It is the first variable fighter that can reach earth orbits on its own.

Its main advantage over the enemies is the stealth mode which allows it to fly undetected or causes enemies to lose track of him. It can also be equipped with extra boosters if needed as well as with a warp engine although this causes great stress on the fighter and is not highly recommendable.

This fighter is the main choice of the special forces even though it has been outdated by VF's 19 and 22 as well as thr AVF's it still mantains its ground as it has not being replaced although an updated version has been shown on macross frontier, it still has a long operative life before it.

Its speed varies fr

fighter and battleroid modes

om Mach 1 to Mach 4 inside the atmosphere to Mach 21 or more on space operations.

As the main fighter of the special forces this fighter has a lot of powerfull weapons to aid it during operations, those weapons include a long variety of laser weapons, gatling gunpods, heavy laser cannon, a pinpoint barrier system, internal missile launchers and hand to hand combat equipment. As this fighter was also customized for the macross 7 sound force the model VF-17T Kai also includes sound technology.

As of macross frontier a newer version of the VF-17 was introduced called VF-171 Nightmare plus, but that is a topic for another page.