Series: Macross 7

Name: Variable fighter (VF-14) "hunter"

Model: VF-14

Variants: VF-14 (Standar version)

VF-14 (Zentraedi version)

VF-14T (trainer)

Pilots:UN pilots; Zentraedi pilots; Varauta empire's pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: General galaxy/Mikoyan

Allegiance: UN spacy; Varauta empire

The VF-14 "Hunter" was one one of the first successfull models of General Galaxy, a company that was competing against Shinsei industries. The general idea of this mecha was to create a fighter that was capable of carrying more fire power and ordinance than the VF-4, it did, but it was outmatched by the variable bomber the VA-3 "Invader". Nevertheless the project was aproved in 2021 and as of 2025 several numbers of this fighters were stationed in UN fleets and colonies, but along with VF-4 it was later replaced by the VF-11. Its is known that the UN still keeps active this fighter because Zentraedi warriors favour them instead of other VF's.

When the Macross 13 and Macross 5 were enslaved by the protodeviln, many of the fighters of the fleet were transformed to serve the newly formed Varauta empire, in particular the VF-14 served as a model for the enemies main fighter the FZ-109 "Elgerzorene" that fought in the war against the Macross 7 fleet initially outclassing the VF-11's of the colony, but no one made a connection between both models until later, although everyone knew there had to be a connection with UN's VF's. After the defeat of the varauta many of this fighter remain on rogue varauta fleets. In the UN it can be found in some zentraedi war fleets and frontier fleets as well as in museums



The VF-14 is capable of reachind mach 17 at 30000 m or more heights and Mach 22 in space. Their armament consists in a variety of rocket launchers, missiles, laser beams, hardpoints under the wings, a 55mm gunpod and hand to hand combat equipment.