VF 0 Phoenix Small


Series: Macross Zero

Name: Variable fighter 0 (VF-0) "Phoenix"

Model: VF-0

Variants: VF-0A (Standard version)

VF-0B (Two seat versions)

VF-0C (prototype)

VF-0D (prototype)

VF-0s (commander version)

Pilots: UN pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Stonewell; Bellcom; Shinnakasu

Allegiance: UN.

The VF-0 "Phoenix" is an advanced prototype of variable fighter made for the UN military and the direct predecessor of the variable fighter VF-1. While only being only a prototype it had combat experience in 2008 during the l

take off

ast days of the Unification wars. Ray Focker is known to have flown on one of this during the war. Unlike its succesor it didn´t fight in space as it was not used during the space war.

The fighter's maximum speed was mach 2.74 at 11000 meters over the sea level. Its legs are longer than its successor due to the engine being a conventional turbofine engine larger than thermonuclear one from the VF-1. The wing model was also different from the following model as the variable sweep wings are not seen in this model but instead we see wings with a canard delta configurations which worked good but were substituted in the following models.

The Armament was almost equal as the armament in the VF-1 but the gunpod was of 35 mm (GPU-9) not 55(GU-11), the number of lasers decreased in the commander model also it has diffferent missiles than the VF-1. It is known that VF-0 had troubles battling against enemy variable fighters, the SV-51 (later converted in SV-52 by the UN) of anti-UN forces, as their rivals didn´t need to go into GERWALK mode due to the superior maneuverability of SV-51, but like its "son" the VF-1, the VF-0 needed to go into its second mode to maneuver at such heights.

A lot of VF-0s were lost during one of the last actions in the war, the battle of the South Pacific. After the debut of the VF 01 the concept of a variable that could be used only in the atmosphere was dropped until some years later with developing of the VF-3000 "Star Crusader" and the VF-5000 "Star Mirage". Here are photos of the other two modes that are very similar to the VF-1.
O ger

Gerwalk mode


Roy focker's VF-0S