Series: Macross Zero

Name: SV-51

Model: SV-51

Variants: SV-51 (Single seat version)

SV-51 (two seat version)

SV-52 (to fight against zentradi)

Pilots: Anti-UN pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Sukhoi/ Israel aircraft industries/ Dornier

Allegiance: Anti-UN forces

This variable fighter is the one used by the anti-UN forces during the UN war. It uses overtechnology from the AS-1 later known as the SDF-1 Macross obtained from the UN's variable fighters research. Although this fighter was a prototype fighter, it was decided from the start that it would engage in combat with the UN forces, unlike the UN that didn't have that purpose in mind for the VF-0 having lots of advantages in fights with enemy VF's. This variable fighter design was made by the prestigious Sukhoi designers in cooperation with an israeli company and dornier. Like its UN's counterparts this fighter is able to transform from fighter mode into gerwalk mode and battleroid mode.

This variable fighter was first seen during an UN's F-14 Tomcat mission in 2008, where its stealth system proved vital to surpris
220px-SV-51 Fighters

Two SV-51 on flight

e and defeat the normal fighter. Some units of this fighter have been modificated to launch from submarines (30 meters under sea level) with the help of rocket engines changing to is main engines when going airbourne. This water pression models also have folding wings on them which allowa the fighter to fit in the submarine launching docks.

Its maximum speed was Mach 2.81 at 11000 over the sea level, making it slightly faster than enemy's VF-0. Its main weapons were a 55 mm. gunpod a 12.7 mm. gun ( to complement the gunpod) micro missile launchers, gardpoints under the wings, various range missiles, flare systems and it was well prepared for hand to hand situations. It is remarkable that out of the three main variable fighters (SV-51, VF-0 and VF-1) that wera around during the years of war it was the only one equipped with stealth mode.

It is also remarkable that without counting the SV-52 this series of variable fighters weren't followed, and that sukhoi, israel aircraft industries and Dornier didn't manufacture any more variable fighters and that it is unknown what happened with them after the war
Sv-51 bat

Battleroid mode

Sv-51-gerwalk xgdQb768BeaC

Gerwalk mode on flight

. Here are the gerwalk and battleroid modes.



It is known that the 12 units of SV-52 known to exist in the world were equipped with thermonuclear engines which would have allowed them to fight in space, and it is known that they were prepared to fight against the zentradi threat. This twelve units were kept in hangars on east europe and russia after the war and it is possible that they survived the near complete anihilation of UN's forces and cities, however it is not known if this units actually entered combats with zentradi forces, and we can only speculate how their performance was based on the results of the other main human variable fighters during the war.