VC-10 anticorallian unit

Series: Eureka seven.

Name: VC-10

Model: LFO Anticorallian special model

Pilot: Ageha squad pilots

Modes: Normal mode

Creator: United Federation

Allegiance: United federation; Ageha squad; Dewey Novak

This LFO is introduces in the final parts of the anime with Dewey Novak campaign against the corallians. This robots do not need ref boards to mantain themselves on the air as they have specially long feet that enable them to fly, giving the sensation that they are skiing. This LFO production was very limited as only six units were deployed during the series. Even though they are an special anti-corallian unit they do not attacl the enemy by themselves but they act as support units for "The end". The best combination attack that this units can offer is called Valhalla Swell, which consists in transmiting the energy to "the end" and generate a field that instantly petrifies the enemy. It ressembles the Type zero's Seven swell.

As this LFO was specially designed for anti-corallian combat it didn't appear for long during the series. Overall this unit was strong when fighting alongside "the end", but useless when fighting on its own, making it a dangerous but weak foe in battle