Series: Eureka Seven

Name: Terminus 909

Model: LFO special forces model Terminus R-909

Pilot: Holland

Modes: Normal mode

Vehicle mode

Creator: United Federation

Allegiance: United federation special forces (former); Gekkostate

This unit is Holland Novak first LFO introduced during the series. As most LFO's this unit is a single person unit intended to be the successor of the R-808. As all the terminus series models this model also had a vehicle mode installed on it. As its main weapons it used a pair of boomeranf knifes and the cannon mounted on its shoulder as main weapons. As it was the successor of the R-808 most of the problems of that unit had been solved in this one. Like the MON-SOONOs it can be equipped with an additional compac feedback system.

This model was one of the m
Terminus typeR909 vehicle

R909 vehicle mode

ain attackers in gekkostate opperation and could maneuver quite proficiently, because of this it was quite difficult

to pilot. During the series it was shown to easily dispose of enemy LFOs without getting any damage, however it was shown to be completely inferior to the Nirvash "the end" which easily destroyed it prompting Holland to pilot the B-303.