Mecha mode

Series: Eureka seven

Name: Terminus R-606

Model: LFO Special forces model Terminus R-606 (TR-606)

Pilot: Mathieu

Modes: Mecha mode

Vehicle mode

Creator: United federation

Allegiance: United federation special forces (former); Gekkostate

This LFO is part of the special forces Terminus series and was taken away by Gekkostate when they desserted the army. It's pilot is Mathieu who is always accompanied by Stoner. Unlike normal LFOs the head of this mecha was replaced by a two seat cockpit, ressembling the ones from the fighters. Due to its high maneuverability and short activation time it is considered one of the easiest LFOs to pilot.

It's armament is very basic consisting on a pair of boomerang knifes and an arm mounted chain gun, however it has been seen with a large beam weapon mounted on the arm in some episodes, replacing one of the boomerang knifes.

This LFO it is however a really tough enemy to take down and has supported the Nirvash in almost all the battles fighting on the vanguard with the rest of LFOs and taking down federation forces. This LFO together with the nirvash is the only two seat L

Vehicle mode

FO of the Gekkostate forces, however unlike the case of nirvash this one is usually piloted by Mathieu, and Stoner has never never been in it alone, it was also piloted by Holland in one episode.

It uses a board to mantain itself on the air, and can transform into a vehicle (earth vehicle if the situation requires it.