Terminus R-505 (army regular model)

Series: Eureka Seven

Name: Terminus R-505

Model: LFO terminus series for the special forces

Pilots: Special forces

Holland Novak

Sumner Sturgeon (game)

Modes: Normal mode

Vehicle mode

Creator: United Federation

Allegiance: United federation special forces; Gekkostate

This unit was introduced in Eureka 7: New wave. It is the main LFO of the protagonist Sumner Sturgeon. However in the anime it is also revealed that it was the main LFO used by the special forces, making it to the special forces what the MON-SOONO is to the regulars. It is also known that Dewey Novakmodified and upgraded this LFO for its special forces use. The normal color for this military LFO is navy blue, but Sumner unit is different as it was intended to be spare parts for its squad, it wasn't intended to go to battle. This mass produced LFO was the first one to be equipped with a fully functional Lift board.

Its main weapon is a pair of boomerang knifes, but it can be equipped with several other weapons such as laser beams, cannons, rifles as well as a rocket launcher and several missile for anti-aereal combat. Sumner modified its units adding missile tubes and modifying the sensors. Being the main LFO of the special forces it was used in the atrocities commited by them during the war, as it doesn't appear in the anime it is possible that it was gradually substituted by the other models of the terminus series.