Series: Eureka Seven.

Name: "Devilfish"

Model: LFO Special unit model "Terminus" B-303

Pilot: Holland Novak

Modes: Normal mode

Vehicle mode

Creator: United Federation

Allegiance: United federation special forces (former); Gekkostate

Undoubtedly the strongest and more dangerous LFO in the Terminus series. This LFO was created without any limiters therefore being several times stronger than a normal LFO, however this puts great stress on the pilot's body forcing him to drug himself with certain drugs to keep up with the LFOs mobility, and after sometime of taking this drugs the consequences could be lethal for the pilot. It was piloted by Holland after the R-909 was destroyed by "The end".

This LFO weapons consists on two laser cannons and smaller Homming lasers mounted on the shoulders. The board has been upgraded with thruster which enables the pilot to gain great maneuverability, this unit is also capable operating on space. In the movie this units has an ability that enables it to gain more accuracy and also it equips itself with a propulsion system to fight Renton.

In the anime Holland sacrificed it to get to Dewey and kill him, it was destroyed when it was smashed against the bridge of Dewey's ship.