Teiring kidnapping hitomi

Series: The vision of Escaflowne

Name: Teiring

Model: Prototype model Teiring, close and middle range combat

Pilots: Naria and Eriya

Creator: Zaibach empire

Allegiance: Zaibach empire; Folken

This guymelef is onef Zaibach's prototypes for flight and attack operations although in the anime the two units are used in actual combat, mainly acting as a special unit. They are known to share some of the traits that the with the Alseides model as it has been equipped with the crima claw which alouds this mecha to convert it into any weapon the pilot desires. It can fly thanks to the special propulsion system installed there by Zaibach as well as levitation rocks, although it can only mantain its full speed during 6 minutes.

Although only a prototype it is the main weapon of choice of Folken's minions, Eriya and Naria and have been customized for their use, as proved by the color of the hair of each one which is actually the same as their pilots colors. They also have the ability to camuflage themselves with an invisibility cloak.

This two mechas have tried to stop and destroy the protagonists during the course of the series, proving to be a worthy oponent to escaflowne. Naria's guymelef would be destroyed when she and her guymelef were taken down, but what happens to the second is unknown as Folken uses it to travel to Fanellia after Eriya's death but it isn't seen during the rest of the series.