Spearhead SH-101 Ray's unit

Series: Eureka seven

Name: Spearhead

Model: LFO Special forces model Spearhead

Known variants: SH-101

Pilots: Charles and Ray

Modes: Normal mode

Creator: United Federation

Allegiance: United Federation special forces ( former); Charles and Ray Freelancer team

This LFO is the first introduced LFO that doesn't require a board to surf. It is known that it was used by the federation special forces as Charles and Ray both belonged to that unit, how many of this units remain in active service in the army is unknown as military models have not been shown. The two units that appear in the series serve as the LFO for the freelancer married couple, Charles and Ray, that adopted Renton when he scaped the Gekko, and stalked gekkostate for quiet some time proving several times the effectiveness of this robot in battle. This two units difference each other by the color, one is blue and the other one red.

This LFO is eq

Spearhead SH-101, Charles unit

uipped with several lasers mounted on it also several knives. Even the head seems to serve purpose as it can smash the enemy crafts with it. It is also known that from one unit the other one can also be controlled as Ray proved when she attacked the gekko to avenge Charles death.