Series: The vision of Escaflowne

Name: Scherezade

Model: Asturian guymelef, close combat model

Pilot: Allen Schezar

Creator: Asturia

Allegiance: Asturia; Knight caeli; Allen Schezar.

This guymelef is part of Asturia kingdom strongest knights, the caeli knights. Its pilot is Allen Schezar who is the captain of this knights. Although this guymelef is not a guymelef of ispanian origins like escaflowne it comes very close to it in terms of strength, being able to fight an even match with escaflowne without much trouble. Like escaflowne this guymelef uses a sword as its main weapon so it specialty is close combat.

The strength of this guymelef has earned the reputation of the strongest guymelef in Asturia and it is stationated on its boarder to protect the kingdom against external threats, and this reputation is well deserved as it proved to be strong ally to Van, Hitomi and Escaflowne by fending off several men of Zaibach's strongest unit the dragon slayers and its captain, who considers Allen a personal and hated enemy.

This guymelef participated in most of the battles of the war aiding escaflowne to defeat Zaibach forces, this including the attack on the fleet. As a matter of fact this guymelef has been one of the few machines to have fought against escaflowne in actual battle and have been left practically intact, although this may be because they didn't really want to fight each other seriously.

As a matter of fact this guymelef is the one that ressembles a medieval knight the most. It has been stated by many fans to be the second strongest guymelef in the series although as occurs with other guymelefs is the pilot in this case Allen own sword abilities what alouds it to be such a fiercesome foe.