Megaroad 01 Take off

Series:SDF Macross Flashback 2012

Name: SDF-2 Megaroad 01

Model:Super Dimension Fortress (intended to be); Combat colonization spacecraft

Successors: Megaroad class ships

Captain: Misa Hayase Ichijo.

Mode: Normal Mode

Creator: UN, New united govenment.

Allegiance: UN Spacy.

The construction of this ship began on 2003, with a technology copied from the original macross but not quite on the same level, on the UN's moon base and it was interrupted due to the breakout of the first Space war and the crushing defeat of the original UN. After the war the project was restarted. It was originally intended to be a second Macross but this was changed and it was made into a colonization combat spacecraft. The take off was in September 2012 and its captain was Misa Hayase Ichijo, the war hero, as well as the war hero, Hikaru ichijo, who was as well Misa´s husband and the idol Lynn Minmay, with the objective of finding habitable planets and colonization purposes.

This take off marked the initiation of humankind exploration of space, the ship was accompanied and protected by various variable fighters and a Zentraedi war fleet. Megaroad 02 and 03 were sent into space in 2014 and from then on every one or two years one of them was launched until 2030.

Contact with Megaroad 01 was lost four years later in the year 2016 when it was supposedly reaching the center of the Milky way. The fate of the colonization fleet remains unknown to this day, but the government didn't let the public opinion know to prevent the panic to spread therefore videos of the skull squad victories and of Lynn Minmay songs have been shown in the media to the point they have become legends, also to try deceive the people by letting them think contact was never lost. The same thing has happened with some other fleets.

Differences with SDF 01Edit

The main differences between this ship and the macross are that this ship doesn't have the original overtechnology tha the Macross had. While the city inside the SDF-01 was a provisional city for the people of Macross island and the macross wasn't build to have a city inside, the city is less well built, prepared etc, than the one inside Megaroad 01, a ship that was meant to contain a city until an habitable planet was found. Also SDF 02 doesn't storm attacker mode as the engineers deemed it unnecesary for a colony ship. This trait is shared by all the ships built until 2030.

It is revealed that after that date, a lot of Macross-like spacecrafts were built by humanity.