Series: Eureka seven

Name: Nirvash

Model: LFO Special forces unit "Nirvash" type 0

Pilots: Eureka and Renton

Modes: Normal form

Vehicle form

Spec 2 form (Transformable into high speed jet)

Spec 3 form (Ultimate mode)

Spec V (Combination with "the end" in the movie)

Creator: Discovered

Outer shell created by scientist at Tresor

Allegiance: United federation special forces (former); Gekkostate

Nirvash type zero is the eldest LFO known to exist in the world. Contrary to other LFO the Nirvash type zero was not created by the federation scientist but was discovered by them. However the outer armor of the robot was made by Tresor laboratories. It was integrated in the federation's special forces with Eureka as its pilot, it was only after the desertion of gekkostate members that it let a human pilot it.

It is a deadly LFO even without on it first stages of evolution and acts as an active attacker and the main LFO during the operations. On its first stage it is able to transform into a vehicle of awesome speed and as the other LFO's Vehicle modes it is used by the main characters to enter the towns.

1. Spec 2Edit

Nirvash TypeZERO Spaceship

Nirvash Spec 2 Aircraft mode

When eureka and Renton were reunited the Nirvash first Spec evolved into Nirvash Spec2. With this change a great upgrade was made in the armor of the LFO making it even more deadly than before.

However the most impressive upgrade is the inclusion of the Jet mode which enables it to fly as a jet gaining more speed on the air.

2. Spec 3Edit

This version is the final evolution of the Nirvash type zero that appeared when Renton tried to save Eureka from the corallians. This version controls have been changed
so that the Nirvash responds to Renton's movements. It is the most powerful mode and it is able to fend off thousands of corallian beings to save her.

When the feelings of love of Eureka and Renton reach its drives it departs with much of the humans and the corallians, this event was known as the second summer of love, it is the power of this event what engraves Renton and Eureka's love message in the moon. It is also in this form when it reveals more of its corallian nature, as it shows one eye that looks exactly like Eureka's.

3. Spec VEdit

It is the combination of Nirvash and "The end" and is the most powerfull form of Nirvash. As It was the most powerfull mode in the movie it is able to beat several images as well as the devilfish which was equipped with a propulsion system, as well as beating the images leader and stopping the beam "Hammer of god" therefore prventing the disaster.


Spec V