"brocken" west germany's militar labor

Series: Patlabor

Name: Brocken

Model: Military ground force labor

Pilots: Military pilots/ Schaft

Mode: Mecha mode

Creator: Schaft enterprises Europe

Allegiance: West german military/ Schaft

This unit is introduced as west german military labor created by Schaft enterprises european branch. This labor distinguish itself for being a really strong close hand combatant, superior to the "python" from Section 1 and almost superior to the "Ingram" from section 2. From what is seen onits first and second appearances this robot relies on its brute strength to defeat its enemies, however being one of the main labors in the west german military, it can be equipped with fire weapons, machine guns etc adapted to its size. Being technically superior to the "ingram" it could be seen that it was not true when "Alphonse" destroyed several units when fighting in Tokyo Port, however, as it was a test for the "phantom" it could not be said that it was fighting with full strength. The units that were left behind by Schaft after the first encounter were stored in the police HQ, however, one unit was stolen from them by assassins to try and kill the crown prince of an arab country, in which they failed. It is not mentioned what happens with them after that but since the experiment they were part from was illegal it is unlikely probable the Schaft reclaimed them

In the first introduction of the anime two Brocken units equipped with light Machine guns were seen watching over what seemed to be Berlin's wall.