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Series: Patlabor

Name: Helldiver

Model: Airbourne operations military labor ARL-99 "Helldiver"

Variant: ARLX-99 (prototype)

Pilots: JSDF pilots; Noa Izumi

Modes: Mecha mode

Creator: Shinohara heavy industries

Allegiance: JSDF.

This military labor belongs to one military Airbourne unit in the JSDF. It is normally seen operating when there has been trouble with military labors that could harm civilians, therefore this unit has faced against several Schaft units such as the "Phantom", the "Brocken", the "Saturn" and the "Griffon" either as a bait for section2 to respond to or responding to an attack, as normally schaft would attack the JSDF force too as bait. It has been seen fighting effectively against the "Brocken" the "Saturn" and eventually the "Phantom" but has been completely useless against the "Griffon" which pilot was merely toying with them.

It is equiped with a commando knife and several fire weapons adjusted to its size such as machine guns and missile launchers as well as a smoke discharger. This units usually operate in squads of three however larger units can be found as well. Even though it is not said when this series was mass produced in the series it says thay it shares the same chasis as the AV-98 so its probably an older or contemporanean model, however when Noa tested it she said it was rougher than the "Ingram. Like the AL-97 it was used by JSDF during a UN mission on a certain southeastern asian country.