HAL X-10

Series: Patlabor

Name: HAL X-10

Model: Military Antitank experimental labor X-10

Pilot: None

Mode: Mecha mode

Creator: Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF)/ Shinohara heavy industries

Allegiance: JSDF

This military labor was an experimental military labor from JSDF that went berserk when something went wrong in the experiments. This labor had a tanl like appearance but had head and a visor. It is known it could take over or destroy a city. It defeated several other labors during its rampage. Taking into account what would happen if it broke through the military barrier they called section two to stop it which eventually they did when Shinohara infiltrated the cockpit and extracted the disc inutilizing it.

It was equipped with several micro machine guns and missiles that together with its physical strength and speed made in a fearsome enemy, with which the AV-98 had a hard time even with it running out of ammo in the middle of battle. It was painted on army green but when retrieval was impossible the military threw yellow paint on it to hide the identity of the labor as a military one, not very well though. In the end section 2 left the robot where they stopped it and didn't destroy it