M-5 "Abraham" SSS colors

Series: Patlabor

Name: Abraham

Model: Military labor M-5 "Abraham"

Pilot: SSS Pilots

Modes: Mecha mode

Creator: Schaft Enterprises America

Allegiance: SSS (Schaft Security Systems)

This labor is a military labor manufactures by Schaft's american branch. Among its primary users is the SSS, schaft's security systems which Schaft private army. Not much of this labor is seen in the anime as several units appear but are quickly defeated. It is known however that it is a highly effective labor that excels in hand to hand combat. The SSS color for this labor is red.

It is seen that this unit is far weaker than the "Griffon" but it is implied to be stronger than several other labors but weaker thjan the "Griffon" and the "Ingram". It is also been said that each operation this labors and the SSS carry usually ends badly for the opponents . It is known that they also act as a private security force and help the police in peace keeping tasks,