Series: Patlabor

Name: "Saturn"

Model: Multipurpose Labor SR-70 "Saturn"

Variant from: Patlabor SRX-70

Pilots: Schaft pilots/ Private security firms pilots

Modes: Mecha mode

Creator: Schaft Enterprises Japan

Allegiance: Schaft/ Private security firms

This labor unit is the model designed from the prototype SRX-10 by Schaft enterprises. As such this unit is equipped with almost the same equipment, a caliber 42 revolver, a stun stick and a shield. It is thought as a patlabor however it is not employed by the police, it is instead operated by private security firms that are rising throughout the country. It is mainly seen as one of the labors used by Schaft in their fight against section 2, when they were passed as normal security company labors, which company had asked the JSDF for permission to participate in war games to test the model, however the true meaning of its presence there is to provide back up to the "phantom" on its second day.

Oddly enough even though the SRX-70 and the SR-70 are presented as stronger than the "Ingram", unit 3 easily defeated the "Saturn" that was supporting the phantom, and a few time later unit 2 also defeated one unit that had been hijacked by terrorists, although its strength competes with that of military labors like the "Helldiver". Is one of the few Labors that can reproduce human movements.