AV-0 "peacemaker"

Series: Patlabor

Name: Peacemaker

Model: Patrol Labor (Patlabor) AV-0 "Peacemaker"

Successor: AV-02 variant (also known as "Clash Buster)

Pilots: Tokyo police pilots

Modes: Mecha mode

Creator: Shinohara heavy industries

Allegiance: Tokyo metropolitan police department; Special vehicles section one; New York Police department

The AV-0 is shinohara industries final variant of the "Ingram", and is expected to be the replacement of the model. It has already replaced the "Python" units of section one. It is equipped mainly with the same equipment as the "Ingram", police equipment, however there are major changes in the softwere and engineering of the unit. It is equipped with a nervous system that enables the robot to operate even when the pilot has lost conscience as it learns the movements of its pilots and copies them perfectly. It is also stronger and faster than "Ingram" as it is able to operate with more eficiency, although unlike the Ingram it relies more on its superior technology than the abilities pilot himself which can be seen as a weakness as well as a strength, for example the Peacemaker system prevents it from going into battle near a civilian building. It has however been proved that it is not a match for the "Griffon" and it's confrontation with it ends with the Peacemaker units of section one badly damaged. It is also known that this model is going to be delivered to the NYPD for its police labor unit.

In the first movie this labor appears on its prototype state "AVX-0" and is piloted by Kanuka to control the berserk robots infected by Shinohara's new software however it is infected too and almost destroys "Alphonse", proving its superiority.

Like the ingram this unit can be equipped with assault equipment and heavy weaponry if needed.