KLF Mon-Soono

Series: Eureka Seven


Model: Mass Produced LFO model "KLF MON-SOONO"

Variants: MS-10 (light armor)

MS-20 (heavy armor)

Pilots: United federation forces

Creator: United federation

Allegiance: United federation

The KLF MON-SOONO is the main LFO used by the united federation forces. Unlike the special forces units this LFO is designed to be piloted by amateurs and the main computer helps cover the gap between the pillots allowing the inexperienced to fight again the more professional pilots although they can't win against fight against real combat experience and are defeated. However in the hands of experienced pilots this LFO is deadly and can fight even fight with the terminus series and the Nirvash.

This robot is designed in a way that alouds the pilots to have a really good vision of their surroundings. The heavy type MON-SOONO armament is a homming laser and a missile launcher in the rear and tank cannons mounted on the shoulder, the light model doesn't have the homming laser and only has the missile pods and the cannons. No physical difference is seen during the series though. As most of the LFOs they use boards to surf in the currents of trapar.