Jet al10

Jet Alone

Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Name: Jet alone

Model: Jet Alone (JA) (Prototype)

Pilot: None

Creator: Independent corporation working for the japanese government (rival of NERV)

Allegiance: UN; Japanese government; Independent company

This mecha was created to fight against the angels by one of the companies working for the government, a rival to Nerv. It was equipped with a nuclear engine and it was an unmanned mecha, two advantages over the evas, specially the prototypes which were manned and depended to much on electricity to function. As a rival company to nerv this robot was presented as a suitable competitor and successor of the EVA in the war against angels.

This however was thwarted when the president of the company made a special enphasis in the efectiveness of the robot angering Ritsuko Akagi and nerv who sabotaged the robot, being an unmanned vehicle it was controlled by the central computer but they somehow made it go out of this control. With this mecha out of control threatening the guests to the presentation and even causing a nuclear explosion the EVA 01 was deployed by nerv to stop it, but the role of the mecha was only a support role as it was Misato who stopped the JA from inside with the EVA 01 only slowing it down.

After the fail of the presentation the project was cancelled and this robot was not produced anymore. It was the only mecha in the series that wasn't an evangelion and it was stronger than an EVA in normal mode, also it would be more stable than the EVAs if it had not been manipulated.

As a matter of fact this presentation has been present in almost all evangelion spin offs so far but the robot itself hasn't. In the las t series Shinji Hikari's raising project the after the failure of the project a movie was made by the company with the jet alone robot appearing on it while in the presentation it does not as the presentation is implied to be the presentation of this concrete robot but it is not specificated in the end, as well in this presentation it is Yui Ikari the one that represents Nerv.