Izumo on flight

Series: Eureka seven

Name: Izumo

Model: United federation atmospheric combat air cruiser (mass produced),

Variant/ upgrade: Super Izumo ship

Captain: Captain Jurgens

Creator: United federation

Allegiance: United federation; Captain Jurgens (allied with gekkostate)

This ship was part of United federation planetary fleet, and is one of the ships that has put the gekkostate people in trouble throughout the series. Its is armed with lasers and missile launchers, though it can't be compared to special forces ships armament this armament can be very effective. Even though it is part of a mass produced model it has been a great rival to the gekkostate, at least in terms of speed. It also acts as a LFO Carrier, carrying several KLF Mon-Soono models. It also is the oficial carrier of the nirvash type LFO "The end" which gives it a great advantage in battle.

This ships originally remains loyal to the federation but during the events that go on during the series the captain of this ships distrustful of Dewey Novak betrays the fleet and aids Gekkostate. During this time the fleet was modified adding a huge firepower, hangars with more capacity and a homing laser. The motors were modified to enable the ship to perform low outer atmosphere flights in order to travel faster. The captain Jurgens also had the ship painted in red.

The ship needs at least 88 crewmen to function. It was proved to be a valuable ally to the gekko, helping gekkostate in the last battle, though with some reluctance of the LFO squad who resented gekkostate for the death of their comrades.