Gekko State Ship

Series: Eureka Seven

Name: "Gekko"

Model: SL1200 Mk II Gekko (protoype special forces ship)

Captain: Holland Novak.

Pilot: Yuki Talho

Creator: United Federation

Allegiance: United federation special forces (intended); Gekkostate

This ship is an old prototype ship created for the special forces of the federation by Holland and the rest of the members of gekkostate. It is capable of storing several LFO and launch several at once. Its speed is a great weapon, it is capable of trajectory flights in the lower earth orbit which enables it to reach destination faster, also it can reach escape speed easily. It has a lot of accomodations for the crew including a medical room to treat the wounded.

Thanks to the trappar sc
The Gekko

Gekko landed

anning device it can locate interference with the trappar and other ships, this aids it in hiding its presence from enemy ships. It is equipped with anti-air missiles and two torrets equiped with three lasers each (In the lower part of the ship). This ship easily defeats federation ships or any other enemy with the help of LFOs so its quite a fearsome enemy

It is the home of Gekkostate members and serves as a command center during operations at the same time it gives support to its LFO. Holland and Yuki had troubles over who took charge of the ship as captain over the series, Holland being the captain and a LFO pilot and Yuki being the main pilot of the ship, in the end Holland names Yuki captain. The appearance of this ship has some ressemblance to the lizard which name it carries the gekko lizard