Gate Robo

Series: Gatekeepers

Name: Gate Robo Unit 00-03.

Model: 00-03

Pilot/user: Reiko Asagiri/ Shun Ukiya (Unit 00)

Jim Skylark (Unit 01)

Jun Thunders (Unit 02)

Misao Sakimori (Unit 03)

Modes: Normal mode

Creator: A.E.G.I.S

Special weapon: GRO5V (Unit 00)

Allegiance: Gate keepers

Gate Robo is a middle sized mecha used by the global organization A.E.G.I.S. The gate robo units have the abilities to increase the power of the Gate keepers thanks to the gate engine.

There are five gate keepers that are known to have piloted the different models of Gate Robo. Aside from the considerable stregth and speed they have and their abilities to open and amplify the gates, Unit 00 is known to have a special weapon: The giant piano GRO5V that can only be used by Reiko as Shun doesn't know how to play the piano. This helps here open and amplify her gate of illusion. It is unknown if the rest of the units have special weapons though they seem to be more advanced than Unit 00.

Gate Robo 00 has also defeated a seemingly superior enemy, Kageyama's dark robot, even after being beaten in their first battle, but after changing its gate engine it comes back to action, this engine is the one used by Ukiya to defeat Kageyama.