J-9 "Griffon

Series: Patlabor

Name: Griffon

Model: Experimental model J-9 "Griffon"

Pilot: Badrinath Harchand

Mode: Mecha mode

Creator: Schaft enterprises Japan

Allegiance: Schaft

This experimental labor is Schaft's secret weapon in the confrontation with section 2. It has been built with all the experience Schaft's scientist have building labors making the ultimate weapon. It was faster, stealthier, more silent and powerful the "Phantom" and several "Helldiver" units. It was also the first known labor to fly, as labors were mainly produced for construction, maritime and terrestrial, flying labors were not built, however this unit wastes all its fuel in just one flight advancing little distance.

It was the strongest unit ever seen in the series as none of its rivals had it hard almost to scratch it. It first appeared in the expo for new labors where it defeated the "Ingram" and "Ingram Economy" without breaking a sweat. If this labor has a flaw is the tendency of the pilot to confront several labors at a time, precisely this was the main cause of its defeat as it had to fight the "Ingram" after beating several "Abraham" units, one of them put a bomb on its back damaging it, and the Ingram.

Even though it has medium range weapons this unit has mainly used hand to hand combat, its is equipped with a tough armor, it resists shotguns shots, that helps it on the fights, it also had more strength than patlabors as it was able to shake off one "Python" while holding the "Ingram" with the other arm. It however was destroyed when it tried to flee even though it was severely damaged after the battle, having lost several parts to the "Ingram" and having ripped off another useless ones itself, when it was flying it crashed into the sea because it didn't have enough energy to fly into a safe place.

A second unit is built after the incident and it returns to Tokyo to confront the police easily overpowering section one's "Peacemaker" units to bait the section 2 into fighting it again. During the battle with section 2 it sinks one Ingram, unit 2 into the sea and is able to prove it's maritime capacities. It also damages unit 1 "Alphonse", with the pilot using its speed as a weapon to tackle Alphonse, and the spare Ingram, unit 3, severely although finally Alphonse is able to overpower him due to his pilot's anger as she learns Gryphon's pilot is a child. It eventually is destroyed by a bomb implanted on it by Schaft after been thrown to the sea by unit 3 to prevent the explosion from harming anyone.

Despite both defeats the labor proved superior in many ways to both the Ingram, the Peacemaker and many other military labors as well