Series: Neon genesis evangelion

Name: Evangelion unit 04; EVA 04

Model: Second model EVA (brother of unit 03)

Pilot: None

Modes: Unknown

Creators: Nerv (USA, second branch, Desert of Nevada)

Soul: None

Allegiance: Nerv

This eva was never featured in the anime. We know it is the brother unit of 03 that was silver and red. It disappeared together with the laboratory while the S2 engine was being installed. The cause of the incident remains unknown, but a theory proposed by Ritsuko Akagi says it may be due to an accident with the engine ceated a sea of Durac, like angel Leliel, that engulfed everything.

In a promotional video of this Eva it is shown a fight with Kaoru Nagisa controlling it against Ramiel ( like it appeared on rebuild).

Previous models: Failed prototypes

EVA00 (evangelion 00)

EVA 01 (evangelion 01)

EVA 02 (evangelion 02)

EVA 03 (evangelion 03)

Following models: EVA series