eva 02


Series: Neon Genesis evangelion

Name: Evangelion Unit 02; EVA 02

Model: First model Eva unit.

Pilot: Asuka Langley Soryu, Kaworu Nagisa, Mari Illustrious Makinami (ova)

Modes: Normal Mode

Berserk Mode

Creator: Nerv (german branch)

Soul: Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu

Allegiance: Nerv.

Being the last to be incorporated to the team the EVA 02 is the first model of EVA Unit being more advanced than EVAS 00 and 01. Unlike EVAS 00 and 01 EVA 02 was built in Germany. It was brought to Japan by a fleer of the UN forces and soon proved its value against the angel that attacked them. It is also the first generation of EVA that has been created with an S2 engine therefore no needing a cable and having far more endurance than other EVAS.

It's main weapons are the progressive knife and a dart luncher mounted on the shoulder but over the course of the series it has been seen fighting with multiple weapons, like 01 and 00 it posseses an AT field that gives it a lot of advantage neutralizing enemies AT fields. It is also one of the most stable Evas and goes berserk just twice, ironically, its first and principle pilot, Asuka, is the most unstable of the three pilots and is the main responsible for her EVA going Berserk, the last time fighting against the Eva series.

This EVA at first EVA 01 in fighting capabilities and even when the latter one excedes it, it is still a terrific opponent as shown when is able to, single handedly wipe out units of the regular army that attack Nerv


and fighting off Seele's new weapon the eva series. until defeated by the copies of the longinus lance, which cuses the eva to go berserk a second time. It is also the EVA that has had more pilots, the second one (and last one in the original series being Kaworu Nagisa, the other identity of the seventeenth angel Tabris, who makes it fight EVA 01 to get to Lilith but fails and is killed. The third pilot
02 ber
is Mari Illustrotious Makinami who is capable of making go into a controlled berserk state to defeat an an angel.

It is also one of the EVAS shown armorless showing the sinthetic muscle. The same that has been said about EVA 01 can be said about 02 it is a monster disguised as a robot.

The soul of this EVA is Asuka's mother, and is the main cause of the EVA going berserk to protect her as it is the maternal feelings of Kyoko what remains in the core, this as a matter of fact made the real Kyoko go crazy and kill herself after killing a doll she saw as her daughter which is the cause of all Asuka´s trauma.

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