Eva 00

Series: Neon Genesis evangelion.

Name: Evangelion Unit 00; Eva 00

Model: Prototype evangelion.

Pilot: Rei Ayanami.

Modes: Normal mode

Berserk Mode.

Creator: Gehirn (Nerv)

Soul: None (possibly connected to Rei)

Allegiance: Nerv.

This is the first successfull EVA made and the only prototype in the Shinji/Asuka/Rei team. It is also the only one of the team to change color as it was yellow at first then changed to blue after being almost destroyed. Even though it is a prototype can't use some weapons it is a powerfull mecha as well as a great combat weapons.

It's main weapons include a progressive knive a rocket launcher (incorporated in the reconstruction of the armor) mounted on the shoulder. It was this Eva, the one that threw the Longinus Lance to the moon. It, like the rest of Evas posseses an AT Field which alouds it to protect itself and to interfere with an angel's AT field. It has also been proved to be an extremly strong robot as it was able to almost kill Gendo by almost destroying an armoured glass window and cracking reinforced walls.

It is after Eva 01 one of the most unstable EVAS and its berserk mode is as dangerous as 01 it first uses it in its activation process going out of control intending to kill Gendoh and going out of control. It is heavily implied that it is connected to Rei reacting when she is in pain or distressed and even selfdestructing itself when the pilot dies implying they share one soul ( this is never confirmed).

Being the first gene

same soul??

ration of Eva it can't mantain it's autonomy for more than five minutes (like EVA 01 at first). It is normally seen supporting Eva 01 and 02 but is has also been seen fighting angels on its own. It is the only Eva of the team that has not been seen armourless, making it at least in appearance the most robotlike os them. It is also the only one with one eye but this trait was shared by all the failed prototypes.

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