Series: The vision of escaflowne

Name: Escaflowne

Model: Ispanian guymelef, close range guymelef

Modes: Knight mode

Dragon mode

Pilot: Van Fanel

Creator: Ispania

Allegiance: Fanellia; Fanellian royal family; Van Fanel

The main guymelef in the escaflowne series and certainlly the most powerfull one. This guymelef is part of the Inheritance passed down in the fanellian royal family and one of the most ancient guymelefs in the world, made by the ancient Ispano tribe. This guymelef is completely different from the other guymelefs and is considered a master piece by many.

The first main difference is that this guymelef is older and was built by an ancient civilization that disappeared, also this ancient civilization took their time to manufacture it as it would 150 years to complete it. It requires a blood pact with its master, as proved when Van made it, also its main energist is the heart of an earth dragon, which the future master needs to hunt to extract the heart and make it work.

Its main weapon is a sword and Escaflowne is as deadly as Scherezade when in combat with it, fighting on even terms with pilots as Allen, Dulandau, Eriya and Naria on the same level, and fending off against several Alseides units at the same time. This guymelef specially responds to the pilots emotions as their link is the strongest Guymelef-Pilot bond.

Dragon FormEdit


Dragon mode

Maybe this is Escaflowne's most distinguishing ability, the ability to transform into a dragon. It is on one of the two type of guymelef in the series that can fly, the other one being the Teiring, without help. This model is known for its speed as well as for serving as the transport method of the protagonists.

Unlike the Teiring, Escaflowne can mantain its maximum speed during an unknown amount of time. This model is perfect for high speed operations, such the attack on the empire's fleet in which it perfectly surpassed all the obstacles to reach its objective and is also perfect for high speed retreats.