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eva series

Series: Neon genesis evangelion movie: The end of evangelion

Name: Mass produced EVA; EVA series

Model: Mass produced EVA

Pilots: None

Modes: Normal Mode

Vulture Mode

Creator: Nerv (multiple countries

Soul: None

Allegiance: Seele

The mass produced EVAS or Eva series are the latest models of evangelions and the last ones to appear.They look nothing like robots and are merciless killers, their main weapons are replicas of Longinus Lance. They are seemingly weak but reactivate moments before being defeated as seen in the battle against EVA 02.

They have already an S2 engine on them like units 02, 03 and 04 can fly and have cannivalistic tendencies as well as vulture-like behaviour. While EVAS 01 an 02 are monsters in disguise, this EVAS don't need the disguise. They seem to servee as sacrificial lambs as well as combatants as they self destroy after taking the Appearance of Rei Lilith and a big Lilith appeas in their place.

When in combat they act in perfece coordination and are almost invincible, defeating EVA 02, even after the latter goes berserkand the regeneration abilities make them the worst possible opponent, specially for Asuka who is really impatient. The perfect description fot them would be, angels of death. They were created by nerv's branches all over the world

There were to be 12 EVA series but, when Seele rushed their plans only nine were completed and three were never created. In the OVA EVAS 05 to eight are going to be seen and the trailer does not show them as part of the EVA series so it is unknown if they will appear in the ova.

Previous units: Failed prototypes and all EVAS.