Commander's alseimes

Series: The vision of Escaflowne.

Name: Alseides

Model:Zaibash empire's mass produced Guymelef "Alseides" model, close and middle range combat model.

Pilots: Zaibach empire's soldiers

Creator: Zaibach empire

Allegiance: Zaibach empire

This guymelef i Zaibach's empire mass produced guymelef and it is created by the emperor himself and the magicians thart serve zaibach. They are known as stealth devils mainly due to their refined stealth technology mainly given by their cloaks. They also have liquid metal claws also known as crima claws that transform into almost any weapon the pilot desires, although this guymelef can also be equipped with normal claws for battle. They also are equipped with flamethrowers that aloud these guymelefs to create a lot of damage for the enemy in almost no time at all.

These guymelefs are mass produced but each of them is a terrible foe on its own. They use to attack in small groups pretty much like modern day commandos, although a large number are seen during the attack on zaibach's fleet defending it. It is also seen throughout the series that these guymelefs easily outpower enemy mass produced weapons and it is used by zaibach, as the main weapon durind their expansion campaigns.

Although none of this guymelefs have been able to beat unique guymelefs like Escaflowne and Scherezade, they have come very close to do it in many occasions, normally in groups, but the red alseides piloted by Dilandau Albatau, leader of the zaibach empire's elite group the the Dragon Slayers has proven to be more than a match to Van and Allen even when they piloted superior guymelefs like Escaflowne and Scherazade, although this alseides was specially customized for Dilandau and was several times stronger than normal Alseides.