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Nirvash The end

Series: Eureka Seven.

Name: "The End"

Model: LFO Nirvash type "The end"

Pilot: Anemone

Modes: Normal mode

Spec V (with nirvash type zero)

Creator: Possibly the United federation

Allegiance: United federation; Dewey Novak

This is the other nirvash unit from the eureka 7 world. Its pilot is the artificial corallian girl Anemone and stationed in the federation ship Izumo. It is unknown when this LFO was created but it is known that it doesn't need the compac drive to function, a trait shared with its brother the Nirvash type zero. The nirvash type zero was equipped with anorganic system known as amorphus to interact with its pilot which enables it to move as Anemone wishes. It is known to have, like Nirvash with Renton and Eureka, have a special conection with Dominic and Anemone as it sacrifices itself to protect both of them. It is also possible that it was not created by the federation but also discovered like the type zero.

It is armed with an extendable set of claws controlled by rockets and iron cables attached to them, it can also utilize homming lasers ( 3 of them) and two scythe shaped knives. The most powerfull weapon is known as Vascud crisis, a really powerfull energy beam. This LFO is one of the most powerfull LFOs in the series being able to take down the terminus series R-909 piloted by Holland.

In the movie Eureka seven: Po

deadly shadow

cket full of rainbows, unit zero and the end combine to form the most perfect combat LFO "Spec V". In thefinal part of the series it works together with the VC-10 units to fight against the enemy.